MCS 2014-15 State Report Card Results

MCS 2014-15 State Report Card Results

There are significant changes in the release of Ohio’s School Report Cards this year because of recent implementation of new state tests and accountability measures. Under Ohio law, there will not be an overall grade for a district or school until 2018. All of this year’s report card measures will receive A-F grades with the exception of one new measure, Prepared for Success.

K-3 Literacy Improvement: Measures how well schools and districts are helping young students who are reading below grade level. Reading diagnostic assessments are used from kindergarten to grade three to report the number of students who move from not on-track to on-track from one year to the next. Any school or district that has fewer than five percent of their kindergarteners reading below grade level in the 2014-2015 school year will not receive a letter grade for this measure.


  • What this means for Mason

Since Mason City Schools had fewer than five percent of 2014-2015 kindergarteners reading below grade level, an NR or “Not Reported” appears on the district grade card.

Graduation Rate (4-Year): Represents only those students who earn a diploma within four years of entering ninth grade for the first time. The calculation divides the number of students who graduate high school in four years or less by the number of students who form the adjusted cohort for the graduating class. The adjusted cohort includes all students who entered 9th grade for the first time four years earlier. The cohort is adjusted by adding any students who transfer into the cohort later during the 9th grade and the next three years and subtracting students who transfer out. A student can only be assigned to one cohort.


Graduation Rate (5 Year): Similar to the four-year graduation rate, this measure represents only those students who earn a diploma within five years of entering ninth grade for the first time. The adjusted cohort includes students from the four-year graduates plus any additional students who graduated in the fifth year since entering the ninth grade.


  • What this means for Mason

Mason City Schools received an “A” for its graduation rate.


Prepared for Success

This unique component of the report card includes six measures that do not receive a grade. These multiple measures are used to showcase data that indicates readiness for success after high school, including:

  • College Admission Test (participation rate and percent receiving non-remediation score)

  • Dual Enrollment Credits (percent earning at least three credits)

  • Industry-Recognized Credentials (percent of students with a credential)

  • Honors Diplomas Awarded (percent of students with a credential)

  • Advanced Placement (participation rate and percent scoring 3 or above)

  • International Baccalaureate Program (participation rate and percent scoring 4 or above)


What this means for Mason

Mason City Schools discovered inaccuracies in the reporting of Mason’s AP scores. Dual enrollment may also have been underreported.  The corrected MHS data is listed below for the Class of 2014. We are currently putting data systems in place to ensure accurate reporting of this data moving forward.

  • ACT Participation: 85.5%

  • ACT Remediation Free: 64.9%

  • SAT Participation: 31.7%

  • SAT Remediation Free: 24.6%

  • Honors Diploma: 45.9%

  • AP Participation: 63.0%

  • AP Exam Score of 3 or Better: 44.4%*

  • Dual Enrollment Credit: .9%*

*This corrected AP data has been shared with the state. We are still evaluating dual credit data, and if found to be inaccurate we will report to the state.


Achievement (Released 2-25-16)

This grade combines two results for students who took the state tests. The first result answers the question – How many students passed the state test? The second result answers the question – How well did students do on the state test?



  • What this means for Mason

We are pleased that lawmakers recently approved HB 420 - legislation our district advocated for that requires ODE to issue two sets of scores for the 2014-2015 school year, one including opt outs and one without opt outs. Here is a preliminary 14-15 PI Calculation - with and without opt outs. In 13-14 the district’s PI was 110.6.

Gap Closing (Released 2-25-16)

This measure reviews 10 student groups in reading, math and graduation rate and compares each of the groups against the collective performance of all students in Ohio. A grade is assigned for efforts to close achievement gaps in all groups. The 10 student groups are: All Students; American Indian/Alaskan Native; Asian/Pacific Islander; Black, non-Hispanic; Hispanic;  Multiracial; White, non-Hispanic;  Economically Disadvantaged; Students with Disabilities; and Limited English Proficiency.


  • What this means for Mason

A school or district cannot get an “A” on this measure if one of its groups is not reaching the goal set for all students. We anticipate that Mason did not meet Annual Measurable Objectives with students with disabilities. In addition, Ohio requires a minimum state testing participation rate of 95% for all subgroups. Mason’s opt-outs impacted the following groups: All Students, Economically Disadvantaged, White and IEP. Those opt outs contributed to Mason’s demotion from an A to a B in Gap Closing.


Progress (Released 2-25-16)

The Value-Added calculation for each school and district uses data from state tests to measure how much growth the students made during the 2014-15 school year. Additionally, the tests also are examined to determine progress of three specific groups of students: Gifted Students (math, reading or superior cognitive only) Students with Disabilities (all students who have an IEP and take the OAA) Students in the Lowest 20 Percent of Achievement Statewide (based on distribution of scores for the entire state).


  • What this means for Mason

Ohio gives schools a “C” for achieving the expected progress of one year’s worth of growth. Preliminary value-added data has not yet been released.





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