Student Expectations

Transportation is a service provided by the Mason City Schools Board of Education.  It is expected that those who ride the school buses will observe classroom conduct at all times, including extra-curricular trips. Students must exercise these responsibilities. Bus Drivers shall maintain bus discipline pursuant to all state and local rules and regulations.  Failure to abide by these rules may result in suspension and/or expulsion from the bus.


  • Students must arrive at the bus stop five minutes prior to the scheduled arrival of the bus and are to wait a safe distance from traffic and at a place at least ten (10) feet from where the bus will stop.
  • While waiting, students will respect other individuals, their possessions and surrounding property.  Improper behavior at bus stops, including physical aggressiveness and property damage will not be tolerated. Fighting, pushing, tripping are not permitted at any time. Parents will be financially responsible for any damage done to a bus or property.
  • Students should follow directions the time they are given.
  • Students are expected to observe classroom conduct at all times while on the bus.
  • Students will board and exit the bus at their assigned bus stop. In cases of emergencies, parents must send a note to school and a temporary bus pass will be issued by the school. This is for emergencies only, not convenience.
  • Students are to cross the street only after receiving a signal from the driver that it is safe to do so.
  • Students must maintain absolute silence at railroad crossings and other places of danger as requested by the driver.
  • Students are not permitted to bring items onto the bus that cannot safely be held in the lap.  Animals, balloons, glass or liquids are not permitted.


  • Parents are responsible for the safety and discipline of students while going to and from the bus stop.
  • Parents are to have their children standing at their Designated Place of Safety (DPS) five minutes prior to the scheduled arrival of the bus. 
  • Due to safety and security measures, parents are not permitted to board buses unless authorized by the Transportation Services Office.
  • Parents are asked not to discuss problems with the driver at the bus stop.  This impedes the bus schedule.  Please call our office to arrange a time to speak with the driver or the supervisor.



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